The Game Plan

We warmly invite you to join us in this endeavor! Meeting this goal will be a multi-year effort.

Phase 1

Thanks to the foresight of the Board of Directors over 15 years ago, GJ Fire FC has been saving money every year in hope of one day being able to purchase land for a new facility.  That dream came to fruition in December 2016 when the Club was able to purchase 2.02 acres of land at 2791 Printers Ct. This will be the future home of Grand Junction Fire FC!

Phase 2

Grand Junction Fire FC hopes to break ground for the new indoor facility in May 2018.  Construction is estimated to take 7 Months. Grand Junction Fire FC plans to have the new facility open for business and game play by December 2018.

Phase 3

As Fire FC continues to grow and expand, the Club looks to add an outdoor futsal court or extend the building to add an additional playing field indoors.