The new Fire FC Facility will be a game changer for soccer on the western slope.

Grand Junction Fire FC is the largest soccer club from Salt Lake to Denver which creates a unique opportunity for the Club and Grand Junction.


The new indoor facility will be the largest soccer facility between Denver and Salt Lake making Grand Junction an even larger hub for soccer. Not only will Grand Junction Fire FC be able to increase the skills clinics and soccer camps but also expand it’s indoor soccer league program. Additionally, the new facility will open up opportunities for other leagues such as the Grand Junction Adult Soccer League and TOPSoccer, a community-based program for young athletes with disabilities.

All of these new possibilities will help reach more people in the Grand Valley, help keep soccer affordable for children in our area, and also bring players into the Grand Valley from surrounding areas.


Currently, Grand Junction Fire FC hosts 2 tournaments per year which bring over $1 million of revenue to the Grand Valley.  Both of these tournaments are held outdoors. Although the Club has identified the need and interest for smaller game tournaments (such as 3v3) held indoors, the space has never been available.  With the new facility, Grand Junction Fire FC will be able to host tournaments throughout the year thus increasing the impact to the community.

Additional tournaments and increased programs will directly and indirectly increase job growth in the Grand Valley.


Soccer is great for kids!  It can be played and enjoyed by all level of players and provides physical exercise as well as many mental health benefits!

Grand Junction Fire FC maintains the goal of helping as many kids as possible enjoy the game. Each year they aim to keep costs low and available to everyone regardless of income level.

Grand Junction Fire FC has set up a scholarship fund to help families that are unable to afford  registration fees.  Last year, the Club proudly gave out nearly $10,000 to families in need.  Between the reduced cost of the building, due to your generous donations, and the ability for Grand Junction Fire FC to expand their programs and increase revenue,  the Club hopes to increase its scholarship fund and continue to help more kids enjoy the game of soccer.